Generations of Hispanic families have enjoyed the Gila and San Francisco Rivers to fish, swim, picnic and just spend time together. Unfortunately, these rivers face not one but two urgent threats. Climate change is creating hotter and drier conditions and lowering river levels. In addition, there are people who seek to divert water from these rivers for their own benefit, with no concern for nuestras familias and for the many ways that these rivers are part of our culture and livelihoods.

Protecting our rivers in the face of an uncertain future is critical for New Mexico — and a Wild and Scenic designation is our best hope of doing it. We are in the best position in years to move legislation and protect the waters of the Gila. But first we need our Senators to reintroduce the M.H. Dutch Salmon Greater Gila Wild and Scenic River Act— and your voice will make a huge difference.

Send a quick email to New Mexico Senators Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Luján and ask them to quickly reintroduce this legislation to designate the Gila and San Francisco Rivers as Wild and Scenic.